3% – Coming Home Lyrics (Calula Webster)

Telephone to glory
Oh what joy divine
I can hear the current moving on the line
Made by God the Father for his very own
You may talk to Jesus on this royal telephone

Shit, I think I need help
All these thoughts can’t be good for my health
About to hit the with the hand I was
gambling man, I go all on
I quitter
Forgive Lord movin’ sinner
Tryna piece that’s inner
my patience for this world seems to thinner
my need to suffer
they by colour
Why’s to talk to my brothers I can’t tell ‘em how I feel I cant tell ‘em I love ‘em
trapped my emotions
feelin’ antisocial
And the lies the
telephone can back

now, had help get this, cause I can’t do this on my own
Somehow all these thoughts keep consuming the I was
help home
Cause alone
Please pick up the
I can tell my family home

Please guide
I to the dark, cause I was scared the
I look my I the pure dilute
I need your arm around now I born to suit
I don’t think worthy family
I know they love I can’t
I let my bleed on the track
telephone can back