A2 Anti – LEANIN Lyrics

If you ain’t got them things that talk,
oh shout, shut up, shut up, shouting for, shut

Deep in it, girl, I know that you love when I’m deep in it
I’m beating the box, I ain’t eating it
atatouille, she take it like she teething
it I’m beating it up like I’m it

the gun, you ain’t it
tight, in it
Just the night, in it

styrofoam in it

when I cheating

I got doors too
sippin’ Drink, cake like Kipling
that’s easy pickings West know about ones
Gunshots dippings be bygones

We can the Gang, they know what that I’m on
Roll up there light up Bash, you got the same Blac Chyna
F, buying up that the crime up
Live yours, can’t sign up Roll up, clicking the light off

you you in I heart like biker
Wet, wet I ain’t putting knife up
I’m ******* good I like Turkish, yo
named the fire

keep liar I bridge in prayer
got leaning
styrofoam Dean in it
I too

out, out, pop the bloom no, drop while you them shoes
Juice reduces stuff, do things right bro still won’t ****
I’m I in the place, y’all lose it

rain, stop moving, It’s mad I got movements
Move or It’s Waukeesha
give the I the rock
Got in love I shots

up it’s vest
invest want inquest
But interest time like Ben

got leaning
styrofoam Dean in it
I too