Adventurous Australian Duo, Busby Marou, Drops ‘Blood Red’ As Their Newest Album

Thomas Busby and Jeremy Marou, better known as the musical duo Busby Marou, are Australian singer-songwriters with a penchant for uniquely blending folk, country, and rock music elements. Their fresh album with the title Blood Red features a collection of the duo’s most passionate tracks yet, solidifying their place as one of Australia’s evocative duos.

Tugging Heartstrings

Busby Marou’s music is characterized by their soul-stirring harmonies and enchanting soundscape. Blood Red has exactly that. It is an emotionally charged album filled with tracks that explore themes of love, loss, and life in general.

Blood Red has 11 songs in total. Each song has a striking element, from intimate acoustic arrangements to foot-stomping folk and rock, to soulful ballads. Busby Marou’s versatility as musicians shine through this album.

The duo also showcases their extraordinary vocals and harmonization with this album. Blood Red perfectly captures the chemistry of the duo’s voices, making them an absolute vocal powerhouse.

The Bittersweet Beauty of Life

Blood Red is an album that also effortlessly carry an emotional resonance anyone can relate to. Busby Marou’s impeccable lyric-writing allows fans and listeners to have a vivid and intimate glimpse of the human existence in each track.

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The album’s lyrical profoundness, from the wistful nostalgia of “Smile from a Stranger” to the raw vulnerability of “Someone,” is a testament to the duo’s storytelling prowess. Other notable tracks in Blood Red also include “Everything Is Beautiful,” which has been released previously as a single, and the lead single, “Crazy Like That.”

“Crazy Like That” is accompanied by an official visualizer/music video.

Musical Powerhouse

Once again, Busby Marou proves that they are a force to reckon with in the Australian music landscape. Blood Red is a massive success and fans are eager for more.