Allday – Miss You Still (Cub Sport) Lyrics

But you’re pretty as a pic, that’s all I know
Your friend said don’t, but it’s not a vote
Said I’m here now, tomorrow I don’t know
Grabbed you to dance, lost in the strokes

Went to my hotel, burped in the rose
Like a Julian’s friend, I’m in with the strokes
Lost to a now it’s just us
don’t even much

you in my easy
Like a satellite beam to the TV
I a doing projections
a loving attention
I mention?

a bit, but I’ll live with the stink
Don’t with a limp in a slink
No but I let in

me the is fire
But I to burned before I *****
If you to the tonight
Superman his tonight

I said big deal
But ain’t I you still
I’m nerves
I ill
Maybe it’s I you
you’d my seat

Defeat dream
I I say
everyone wrong
When you me you were in uni
But you Tuesday

Took you out a movie
associate could’ve been good
I to know you
you I through
But you that’s rude

you’re back to the boys in the boat shoes
Boat shoes, these TNs
Your car a brand new BM
I in the PM
I’ve all the shifts like Ambien
me I wasn’t a match

But it’s all down, what that?
me I wasn’t unfit
But you’re I wasn’t ****
I a TN
I said big deal
But ain’t true, I you still
I’m old

I ill
Maybe it’s I you
you’d my seat
Defeat dream
I I say
everyone’s wrong