Bugzy Malone – Ghetto Wisdom Lyrics

Last JD, I said, you could go and ask…
Yeah, yeah.
What we say in the mobiles is in the north, yeah?
See, when I first started doing music,
nobody in the north was making money.

And now we’re out here, successful, independent.
So I guess tonight we’re celebrating black independence.
So I say the sky is the limit.
To inspired is the mic.
the taste, call Don Julio.

I when it’s straight.
and there’s delay.
Plus, we winning, so we celebrate.
Ah, I it’s the mobiles.
I we watching this

when we the polo.
American dream, was and Manolo.
We’re great on the low low.
don’t these the I these streets.
you don’t defeat the I felt bro.
Yeah, I these that’s I deep flow.

can’t take seat you’ve broke.
Me, I’ve faced down, leaking.
Me, I’ve chased down, joked bleeding.
you’ve mother broken nose,
don’t chat about feelings.

I wouldn’t joined the I had family.
would I wasn’t handy.
Couple I dance Bambi.
the whiskey and the brandy.
Now say I’m ADHD.
I never drive-by,

I’ve had duck deep.
won’t it’s DP.
I shot trainers, weed, the blood repeat.
Man are at I’m doing Chi.
I on CV.
I the sauce, I still beef.

I’m Freddy these rappers,
in their sleep?
She didn’t message back thinks I’d cheat.
Post picture on crib, week.
She I silly and broke.
So I in the boat,

now the D.
I’m the black Bond.
If government wrong,
I them it’s 8-8-1.
I was hungry, I would catch on
and was the song.
that’s karma, me, I the pain.
I out I had run away.
He the mistake running until he could stay.

And when I on the I broke brick on his…
I’m in film.
I I’m paid I signed major deal.
I I the trauma I through.
There’s picture and the pencil.
I bring and that’s listen.
I say when position.
I had blade kicks.
I don’t fists, it’s myth.

I doing Jay?
I’m doing much.
I Zyke?
I’m far.
you I chill bit?
you I go in hard?

I you’re great when you’re trying bomb.
I bring and that’s listen.
I say when position.
I had blade kicks.
I don’t fists.
Me, I’m taking digs.

Got in by an and I’m it.
learn when you in the mix.
Visiting in the hospital.
I the see, when you’re up.
toll on health, you watch out.

bipolar you go hard.
you’re menace.
anxious, depressed.
It’s hang bally regrets.
It’s the and then say less.
Me, I thought, **** the bragging, save this.
I in because I kept saving wages.

out it’s money ladies.
out it’s dough you’re babies.
For I’m gonna lie, took ages.
I built and in stages.
A mill’s when you’re chasing.
I refill the and pages.
We’re was the 80s.
Zank, alright, I’ll keep flowing.

one’s than grime poem.
He’s says I’m I didn’t him.
I’m big now, phone books growing.
JB, I stop?
I take back?
I never I cried when was in the hospital.
listening gospel.

there’s pain, there’s gain.
And there’s sunny then there’s such the rain.
The us insane.
you vision you’ll complete the game.
It’s an I’m are you listening?
pay I call wisdom.
I heard diss I should’ve dissed them.

I was busy in hut, listening system.
The I’m isn’t basic.
Take the game seriously, you in face.