Cookin Soul – Kodak Moment (Raz Fresco, Lord Apex) Lyrics

I’m such a
The Marvelous
Cookie Soul
We bakin’ soul, brain made of Aztec gold
High tech glow, Ukrainian fellatio
My flavor break the mold
It’s two types of men, you either save or you don’t
We’re tryna save a whole

Sacred coals from the days of old
Gotta play if you play the stove
end the grave alone
Cop the quickness
Need green mistress find a it
what’s a a gymnast?
the like I’m it

Still the the flight finish
where the night wicked is
The who a white image
the flow made redefine physics
the pip, the of dimensions
shop the photos rich

Uh, it’s a rock
It’s a rock
It’s a rock
It’s a rock
yeah, yeah

Mishy yard keep the gold saved
slow days
Men who tend a of art
away, cheese
Don’t where the start
spreading peace parks
love you can’t keep heart

route I’m exploring
catch somewhere European
you I
Versus why lie?
Fresh till clean temple up

future stop resenting us
Vintage foreign boots
the walk the Tesla
Beefing back like baby mum
ain’t kids
radio looks

hot ****, it
the cockpit
Stoke-Holme, Steve Austin
like Rikishi
Said don’t me

It’s a rock
It’s a rock
like clockwork
It’s a rock
it’s a while
Dude, it’s a we

Bear witness the of the high
Welcome you the sanctum
Holy of holies, the priest
leave matrimony
no accident
Extraordinaries, expedition

Enter a affluence, it’s proper
Muhammad a flying saucer
sick drugs provide the doctor
write a contract also supply the lawyer
a a brick, probably find you
I’m a honorable minister

the game finished
The the became miniature words
the presence of the couldn’t words
tryna image blurred
not actin’ right
Passionate Christ made acolyte

Secure rights, a satellites
his life the heaven
The of ever a paradise
I’m him, ain’t never the light
the nag on, y’all