Crazy Titch – Insubordinate Lyrics (Groundworks)

To the untimey

Alright small time small frame
Flows triple XL
***** bigger than you the truth hurts
I tell your girl in front of my house
She’s my girl, my girls more thicker than you
And I ain’t picking on you, she’s just prettier
She wear caftan still look littier
Hotter than Syria

Over my familiar, don’t familiar
could die loo
I ain’t ya
I’m straight

tell Bebo, he’ll in Bebo
If I catch you my space
I violate
hands the bush, don’t do sideways
If you my I my bae

I’m grown ***** lightweight
I’m straight
Float you die straight
of my relationships time based
I time, time waste
Wreck my I tell you time faced

I ain’t
I claim
excuse me
It’s who I blame
thousand times over, trying wrap my brain
mind games

I I tell you I them
thing’s but I don’t in
Everyone’s the statement’s in
He’s rapper how’s block okay with him

my cojones
These corners
real rap, you it
Shake it
ain’t it
What you rap don’t believe it’s atheists
getting caught Jow’s alien

What’s left him
playing sides, reason don’t with them
It’s he says, seems
in genes
I’m these dreams

I couldn’t give you was
OT, into fiends
That don’t mean nothing you go court
I’m I’m Tizzle, I’m Voldemort

Iceberg heart, I’ll hit, overboard
my age
I’m overlord
I girl me
I’m heart’s pure, pure

I’ll it’s doors
I’ll it’s
And I ain’t wrote fake verse
It’s hate first
Wreck my I stay patient
But the weight cannot compare lives

been worse
that’s road
Dirt bike, hot meal day
life, just the me
on my don’t the me
I ain’t change nobody’s view

your bird’s eye, your eye
Strikes, I’ve mine
Life’s of swings, it’s game
Life’s of swings, it’s turbine
paddle, nice, the time

the names should’ve the line
I’m in jail weren’t mine
probably heard the rumours, you heard right
No comment, it’s my birthright
I ain’t the time
G-Way No Way