Cyra Gwynth – cut the bs (runnin’) (Robin) Lyrics

You’re so worried, you don’t call me baby
Keep me at distance, wanna **** me lately
Don’t wanna feel your issues anymore
Every time I see you, I want you more

Tell me baby, how long
How long for you to put it on me
You send dirty memos while you’re
Give me expectations while you’re me

shh, it
It’s never how you’re now
I’m what you’ve needing but you’re **** proud
the bullshit, we want

You’ll race
You’ll talking about Want me to to find
you’ll you’ll running

moi j’veux les
C’est toujours pareil quand y’a d’la fĂȘte
C’est on s’amuse sans
ForcĂ©ment j’pars courant

me veux toute seule, mais jamais
droite, c’est ce j’fais, tu l’savais
t’es fou, je s’aime J’suis depuis p’tit
the bullshit

your while you
coming for your footsteps
Made I walking
you’re into

Into million pieces
you me how I it all
gonna it for you
you me how I it
gonna it all

you’ll running