D Double E – Tekken 8 (The Anthem) (Fumez The Engineer) Lyrics

Now you’re not local, not from my block
All dem man better pull up their socks
Cause I got the speed just like
Steve Fox How you gonna come to the fight in crocs?

Come against this, it’s a myth I’m a real bad man like Leroy Smith
Don’t know why my mind’s stiff Elevate just like Liv
Ready where the you we come down for?
to fight man to fight the case

like martial come to the block
I up my brethren
lift up in the just like Boomerang

man eye in the of a lion
I got the power like of the Ring It’ll be a matting if him
Nah don’t I got bare tricks
up a like my neck like Phoenix

Give man a hiding, man Come a leather coat like Lars
Alexander’s I’m in Put my in bars
be the Mars I in jars
I a flower in a Yu

was him, now you I’m not landlord I will you
Your family’s gonna you I’m swinging a sword like Yoshimitsu
Who’s in *****, Huh?
Straight to the chin a…

like Armour You’re the this drama
Open flesh like a hundred I just wheel in like in a
Cold-blooded Kazuya Mishima Straight to business, I’m the commissioner
Man’s not Slick I’m I know I want

I’m elegant just like Shaolan He’s got a I want
I’m the I’m the Everyone’s my son like Heihachi
How you gonna come fight they’re like lychee

tai No maybe might be
I got the techies, babe the 8
Tech, Tech, Tekken
Would you reckon, I’m 4
the engineer