Dide – Cold city Lyrics

The baby is grown, I’m buying a field, I’m walking a throne
I’m still in my feels, but nobody knows, I shiver with chills
I’m rocking a boat, the watch that I own is Everose Gold
I live in the hills, like Drizzy or Cold

The pain in my heart told
my is cold
The that I live shown
A star a a rapper home

I’m the checks, the froze
the the ****
nobody sees the the roads
I could’ve just stopped, I didn’t, I rose

Now it’s just 50 for a show
I know that the path my Jesus chose
my took its tolls
in a my low
of the money I blown

One day I offered a loan
The would my stresses groans
with money, the the roads
said my soul

in my heart, must’ve said no
the plan I fold
for the I living killing
my own

in my heart told
my is cold
rose clock, up
No fakes, but

VVs CCs she
Cold breeze
Devil’s blind me
angels I need
I’ll pushing that P
One push, no key

cash, no lease
Cold heart, street
city’s cold
Sinners, we the door
Can we chill with the winners?
like the dirty gorillas

the cord they’re dinners
Showing the for the paper
They’re ******

Gangs the with the blow the dingers
is the that we live
we live resent
I’m away like a pen
Weak the knees, the tackles that scarred
The few that left, they’re the clubs
opening jars for the youth

I but I choose forget
the from the essence like Thames
the picture, the is dead
Most of the we want is respect

for community, opportunity
Loving the peace, the whites
in unity, RIPs the T’s
of my that the world alone
I’m here, a if need
New I’m repping the scene

Like or even Rahim
the jealousy, envy greed
the the baby is grown
I’m buying a field, I’m walking the throne
I’m still in my but nobody knows
I shiver with chills, I’m rocking the boat

Watch that I own, it’s Everose gold
I live in the hills like Drizzy or Cole
in my heart told
my city’s cold