“Dinah” by Maple Glider: A Melodic Journey That Transcends Boundaries

Tori Zietsch, better known as Australian singer-songwriter Maple Glider, has released her sixth single Dinah. In 2021, the pop artist was awarded “Breakthrough Act of the Year” during the Music Victoria Awards and Maple Glider has steadily gained recognition since then.

Dinah Gets Into Trouble

From an interview, Maple Glider has revealed that the inspiration to her newest single, Dinah, is taken from the bible story “Dinah Gets Into Trouble.” Dinah is her second single to be released this year, the first being Don’t Kiss Me. Both singles will be featured in her highly anticipated second studio album bearing the title I Get Into Trouble.

A Hauntingly Beautiful Ballad

Maple Glider unveils a side of her filled with tenderness and self-care in this new single. Dinah is a hauntingly beautiful ballad, more so with Maple’s delicate vocals. The young artist is quoted telling, “I have felt incredibly disturbed and frustrated and sad in the process of writing and putting it [Dinah] together.”

Dinah opens with a melancholic tone but later evokes a stripped-down arrangement that is so intimate and subtle. The lyrics to this track are almost as if Maple Glider’s doing a heartfelt storytelling, allowing listeners to a quiet contemplation. Dinah is undoubtedly filled with raw emotions. An official music video is also available for viewing, making the song experience more emotionally immersive for Maple Glider’s listeners and fans.

The Album Dropping Soon

As previously mentioned, Dinah will be a part of Maple Glider’s second studio album: I Get Into Trouble. This album will be released in October 2023, with a tour also in the works.

The album will have ten tracks in total. It is expected that Maple Glider will absolutely leave a lasting impression with I Get Into Trouble, especially with how Dinah is well-liked.