Elliphant – PANDORA Lyrics

Open up to Pandora, open up to the **** maker Make it love to Pandora, make it love to that ***** maker Swing that devil breast, feed that skunk, freakin’ ***** Pandora Open up Pandora, open up your, yeah Jump like a bunny for me now, sweet honey See you pony for the sunset run … Read more

Elliphant – DUST Lyrics

Don’t mind me, I’m but a flicker out here Represent the lost and troubled souls out there Everything was true, what you heard about me It was me, yeah, I did it, nah, I’m not sorry Something’s wrong, don’t belong down here with the mob I identify myself with the jungle frog Crawling free off … Read more

Elliphant – MINIMAL Lyrics

For them I got a way, I send out the alarm Gotta keep it real, keep it animal Throw it all away, get rid of it all Gotta keep it real, I ride it for free Crooked mind behind straight faces Judging eyes, make them stone, make them cold Led deeper dark places Felt the … Read more