Fall in Love with Royel Otis: ‘Adored’ – The Fresh, Fun Australian Duo

Royel Maddell and Otis Pavlovic were two strangers who figured they bonded over the most unlikely influences, such as the Alessi Brothers’ 1976 yacht rock anthem ‘Seabird’. Soon thereafter, they have come together to form a duo they named Royel Otis, after their first names. This year, Royel Otis comes out with a new single Adored.

A Pop Song Exuding Visceral Joy

Adored is definitely a song listeners will adore. The Sydney-based fan-favorite duo unveils this new addictive track, created with upbeat melodies, distorted yet dynamic instrumental elements, and a contagious positive energy.

Royel Otis makes a great song with Adored—a clean and warm song bursting with easy confidence.

Do-It-Yourself and Tender Loving Care

While Adored certainly takes the inspiration from the post-pop punk scene, the lyrics tell a different story. Royel Otis has wrote lines asking their listeners and fans to take better care of themselves.

Otis, himself, notes: “Take time for some DIY TLC. Treat yourself with some leisurely pleasure. Don’t let it bring you down, it is only castles burning.” Adored is an engaging track that leaves the audience with a determined and positive attitude.

Climbing to Greater Heights

Royel Otis is undoubtedly expanding their well-loved discography. Adored is another track that will definitely get them the recognition they deserve.

Adored is accompanied by an official music video. The song is also produced by Grammy-award winner, Dan Carey, guaranteeing its success tenfold.

Royel Otis are in the midst of a month-long world tour that will take them to various continents, including their first trip to the United States.