JAMIE WEBSTER – Lovers In The Supermarket Lyrics

What’s the sense in being here?
Living out your days in loneliness and fear
Tell me, is it clever?
Old lovers in a supermarket

Who knows where or when they started off It could have been forever
As he tends to say he loves her
She can see that he’s on feet
She helps him with the
As he for a meat

grabs an they’ll later share
But the moment’s
She too
browsing the food again
see them and it my mood

He’s on the wind-up they’ve been for weeks
She over multi-packs leeks
She can’t make her up
breaks out
As he one and uses it to dance

it in the
he’s got something in pants
the makes a

Cries God,
people living selfishly
a fire with who can spark it

Cos when you’re and money can’t buy
Me, I’d rather like the lovers in the supermarket
I’m in the car can see the ranger off off the road
now that

It’s in a still they the load
She said, have trolley
Cos in brolly
a lump my
When he made her wear coat