JM7 – Charisma Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Easy, how I glide on the vibe, best believe me
She pull her panties to the side when she sees me
Tell me why’s the link better when it’s sneaky
Get knee deep in that *****, make her needy
One time’s not enough, need a repeat

Work her yeah, I’m a PT
It’s a vibe, me then she feeds me
when she ready me weekly
Yeah, in the middle the dance
She don’t bait, she’s a glance
If I ain’t even gotta lie

it’s me a chance
Man in me approaching, she all past
But when I by, tell me she arm
It’s clear I make her a these brothers can’t
say she to Mars

Tease she me
Prick she prick me
Tie me me
Yeah, the *****, she too needy
I uneasy
She’s she can’t me

how me?
I’m the me
Look, serious me?
we’re dating
what’d bring to the table?

I’m playing
Cause know as long as I’m paying, you’re staying
the in the AM
If I’m I’m dying
the the I’m her neck a titan
She what’s in the eyes
Never gonna I

*****, I’m in walking
her knee highs
I’m not these guys
I make the honey swarm, the beehive
She won’t me boy, boy, dies
on a Rewind

Might just future looking behind
And the she her she ain’t weak spine
D&D on line, reach
Aye, hit me anytime, I won’t decline
doing then?
y’all shut that baby

Pull in the and she me
The she spin me crazy
Made her yeah, yeah
Tryna focused
time popes
Let’s another round, I’m so poked
She really she this potion
Yeah, she me

Pretty she bring me
Tie me me
At the *****, she too needy
I easy
She said she can’t me
how me?
I’m the me