Kobie Dee – Statistic Lyrics

Picture yourself being 10 years old
And having visions stuck in prison cause the stories that were told
Around you when you was younger now it’s all you can see
Thinking more then likely that could be me
I seen my unk on tv for a prison escape
And at the age 16 I seeing my fate

Always that It was inevitable more can I
I the feeling that they’ll lock me away
a living in country it’s normal be
a place my make 50%
That’s the population in prison
make the country that a

Yeah ******

here cups up
leaving sons it’s love
Making excuses rubbish like a dump truck

I being
For message the that
one why
being a statistic
It’s time the see the world
more it’s time the see
How supposed spread all see hell
kings queens or anything else

It’s me
Cause expected die
The poisons in the the substances that given
put on a ball chain
for learning culture now think it’s
took fathers never be seen again
And why generations pain

tell me
I chased a dream for the dreamed
a passion never see
through poppin pills the uluru
And common
About 10 that I’ve known myself

that I’ve seen in
Too times I myself
mind or was
I victim vicious cycle

Before I ever ride a
portray as
Alcoholics housos
criminals for numb the

Invest a in more think less rehabs
much more then
Yeah don’t inside the we’re a work art
The walk matriarchs
The I be a superstar

I being for message the that it
one why it
being a statistic