Lemoncello – Harsh Truths Lyrics

Since I fear perhaps your heart is stunted,
only speaking in script and in silence, let me help you.
Let’s just see what happens.
I might just touch it, poke it, intrude it with questions, I’m curious.
Let’s just see what happens.

Where do we stand? No, I can’t really tell.
in your is me.
One eye on barren in aftermath.
Dust never good.

I always manage a fall.
here in your heart’s silence, I’ve hold own.
When could claim your time.

Harsh truths and birth new.
Are I might set your little heart free?
so long by your see.

You’re tied in strain what and speak.
do’s and don’ts, see, we’re still
apart white gaping flesh releasing and words.

only ever in
document it, didn’t they?
save a dying time.
I don’t playing fool. I don’t bending rule.

I don’t and blue.
here in your heart’s I hold

When could claim your time.
A harsh uncertain, birth new.

birth new.
birth new.