LZee – WORRIES Lyrics (Toddla T, Naomi Cowan)

Got a man them skankin’ it out in a rave and a gal them wigglin’ back
Thought she was lookin’ all cute at the start of the night
Now her jaw be swingin’ and that I be on stage when the young boys out
And the crowd gettin’ rid of that I be with that

It’s one and the spinnin’ it back
bringin’ it back
Lean man I be fresh
flippin’ that
food that the calorie’s fat
Get on the rhythm and the crowd be jumpin’
Get on the and the crowd be gassin’
girl that the on the top

in a moustache, wait, I moustache
I don’t about class Flyin’ all over the biz
Till I and I can’t be arsed Zoom in the and the car be fast
Them in talk out their arse somethin’ and I swear
That I’ll a man on bars

in the hard
Oh, up?
in the hard
Oh, up?

I’m off
I be in the and I won’t be too late
I the Henny and and the
I’m mashed don’t know if I’ll it back today

I be skankin’ it out, gallivanting about
Couldn’t about
I back, I on the I clothes on the floor
in when I walk in the
know I’m her the hammer
thought that she ****** four
she love takin’ her down incredibly

that I be worst but I don’t sensibly
No, I don’t the rules, don’t for type of fool
can’t I on the Bro can’t with that tool

in the hard Oh, up?
in the hard Oh, up?