Marnz Malone – Tina’s Son Lyrics

stars on the case
Hey, you want God’s child bombs to Tina son
They were on what we was on rolling down the window and it free one
I always knew that we’d be on I wrote both you in tears the piece from see you again went to people’s moms
The ones think sit and eat songs
They don’t I in to on in the place I’m from
It’s demons nines put Nina’s in the Nina head teacher that I’d be if I don’t get

Bagged felt clock the game that day.
I her bags in brand new bag
They’re now.
I can’t it’s mad

I can’t weird to left and I couldn’t find the stuff
I’ve done after Friday
but on another I love you
you hear was in court cells hair in ain’t stingy.
I’ll be sharing guns

Know I’m God’s child, but I’m Tina’s boy.
They ain’t the Okay.
raised that
It’s boy

I grease toy left it on the ashes the actually
mad I in the house
They nicked case.
She’s She’s I can’t lie

I’ve to beef on doorstep.
I it to couldn’t the baby
Bro, we tried IVF.
I to it
I’m born

what in truth
I loved you and that’s why it in the field
I ain’t played that you wars
I grew dirt poor feds the you what to search for
that you ain’t it why you three words yours.
I have tour

I’m looking to something now, you okay, sweet
It’s troubling all lives, you I mean, I you’re it
Possible lot in family there
you’re spreading the love and it’s proud everybody the struggles

I we’re from and to we’re getting slowly
you and to to thanks to everything
the Almighty I will we don’t nothing
I grateful that to do to better

And you we we’re from
I mean, that’s why I say
Everything on and have we and this, you it was written
This thing, you to be I on and you

I it always was gonna be great
And you where’s express the you own being, you know
Look, yeah, pull I you’d be doing bars.
greatness. Hey, don’t cars

they’d that and always in self-achieve
we you and from life that are the things. yes
one big yourself
you loads to the I’m back
one man’s Remember that