Mary Middlefield – Heart’s Desire Lyrics

I hide under the blanket, I grasp onto my pillow
But babe, it’s so unfair, I just can’t feel you there
I ask about tomorrow, you say I have no clue
I won’t spill our tainted bliss, and you resist the urge to kiss

I stroke your hand every chance I when I bend your desk
Babe, you my neck?
I just I’d the one you’d adore
And I wouldn’t have to worry about my innocence no more

I I in your bed lies
what it’s all like, cigarette
peek at my new tattoo
Have I it all you
I I you you

you just once?
I’m to the one you disown
I’m terrified alone
you’d if I older
you you
I your heart’s desire?

I your heart’s desire?
I just there’d no no police
us, and your leash
You’ll old and I’ll watch you die