Masta Ace & Marco Polo – Brooklyn Heights Lyrics

This ain’t Spotify streams or a check from Tidal
It ain’t dead, just check the vitals, yo it’s still alive
Ain’t no tellin’ when the good guys will arrive
This ain’t showin’ off your bands on Twitter live

This ain’t what you thought it was
This ain’t a radio hit or **** made the clubs
This ain’t what you used
This Aftermath, Def Squad the Juice Crew
It’s not what you it
when you your fingers your nose you should biz

Understand you should it
This ain’t poppin’ talkin’ elevated
from Bumped the the night
took the the
Won’t you what it I’ma you what it ain’t

This ain’t was with
This ain’t an or a from Cardi
This ain’t Real from your
a from with Diddy

This ain’t a the from Tory’s gun
a bunch spin when the stories run
This ain’t 25 life a state a friend
contend you’re by great men

And when Japan bring us gon’ make yen
on a clown I’m May 10
that’s the center
You want knowledge I’ma a no meal plan

This ain’t prayin’ luck skill man
We ain’t hopin’ a plan
And came leave our a pan
fallen still stand

This ain’t yesterday’s what askin’ greater
You wrestlin’ the mud or the gator
good advice ain’t askin’ a hater
Cryin’ now later
Listen man from Heights

the the nights
took the the pain
Won’t you what it I’ma what it ain’t
from the the nights
took the the
Won’t you what it I’ma what it ain’t

The a day
Back again from started
Downtown Brooklyn
Where darkness falls
the lights go out

the evening twilight
A Fulton Street
DeKalb the Borough Hall sections
or a activity
are the streets that everyone knows everyone see
Dream Street the heart Brooklyn
Brooklyn, the achievement
A a people
may it grow
So beautiful