Masta Ace & Marco Polo – Connections Lyrics

I’ma try to do something nobody ever did before
I mean, even if they did, still, I’ma try to do it
Till I’m satisfied, I’m keepin’ my status high
Brit, listen kid, I don’t care if you mad inside

Outside, upside down, Dr. Seuss was a bigot
Up to the the block we to pivot
All time, I was young
then, I learned less two
who do you
rappers? Man, fishes bait

Wait, now they the
Javier Cardare shirts I to to Alby Square
the round hole, I’m makin’ it
a king my throne, I’m takin’ a ****
Droppin’ a
I hope you’re listenin’, a his christenin’

the the Holy
budget flights, I ain’t tryin’ to hear it
Flav misbehavin’, end the ******’ grave

to to RZA
If you live the son, I’ll deliver
Reed, the special,
they song if you old or dead

Ass, my dedication steadfaster
a speeding the blasts
that y’all
Hency Hammond couldn’t me

Ray Foss, the
my mind my feet hit the floor
Rider, make one,
Microphone I’m doin’ it, sunshine
I it’s hot hell Gazelle I these
the white the right hand
try to a yoga move *****, my way
I can show prove me you can’t because we on

top the chain far Burgers knives
livin’ a Stream, hey, swimmin’ was a difficult task
machine, that’s we did the the smoke thick
It’s thieves, yo, sick

I got the the connections
dudes all over the bats As a bird, it’s so that’s why
I walk my town the you set up
away, the fifth dimension you’re talkin’ best, it’ll attention
my mind it Canada layin’ bed to tans

In melanated African blood All the usually the club
Hold the bacon, pork Don’t mistaken, watch for the leaders
Of the new Charlie something to her Marley
Oswald, don’t a fate It’s God’s I’ma keep givin’ great
I got the the connections