Masta Ace & Marco Polo – Hero Lyrics

Look, up in the sky, could it be?
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s ace, ace, ace, ace
International man of mystery in black pajamas
Trust me, a man is history and that’s the promise

No escaping this, beat his nuts, I’m baking this
Like catchatory, statutory, I’m raping this
and caping this, the tights
can’t compare, for some nights
My thick these creatures’ bites

They won’t this black man his heights
But blows in a bound
orchestras in a sound
Deceival the same happy face

Marco Polo, got the Pappy Mace
May God’s grace the people’s heads
We in this Evil Dead

a look youth it fades away
find a booth, I’ma save the day
City, the Apple
Yep, here it’s action, action

Ain’t now
Where hero
Polo shaking
in teams, powers
Their magic, they’re the classic of

We’re a look
At the incredible of
I.N.S. Highness
Uh, boy, y’all huh?
I’m hot corners the top
Call the I’m shots
and ace, certain death, pick box

My the scale
ain’t even got a place the scale
fakin’ for real
See blazin’ a trail
the paid in the mail

I’m makin’ a sale
a I’m a hustler
Throw the blade cheek, touch up
It’s luck, how **** up
the L in face, it wasn’t us

don’t Brim
even it’s with him
Try hard, the margin’s slim
How heat it up, foggin’ up goggle lens
Hello, Inspector
Oh, Inspector

made of the recording
play it the Daily radio station
other stations the country
Then a big say $10,000

Well, know that’s a lot of money, Chief
But need a big listening
might go it
you’re talking, Chief
I’ll working it once