Masta Ace & Marco Polo – Life Music Lyrics

this is a magnificent testament to different **** death in the air raise
your hands if you sick of it poison in the Kool-Aid everybody’s sipping it
life’s what I hit you with now you in the mix with it you can take it home if

you want you can with it I’m change the do you feel
the in it health equals to get you fit with it I want

you to live I want you to picture it rock away and
a **** hopefully make that’s significant this a out with
your you kicking it your dreams you stick

with it topic you living it the negative thoughts just
it stay the course the your voice there’s one
that’s you’re it

I something to throw the summer away overseas
shows everything the in foot started to act the
I tried to it bad I could
barely stand doctor in told me it real

I **** near septic the to home was
crucial I decided to nine landed in 26 pressure
pulse I blessed the started to can’t

lie this recovery’s a God is faith I kept
a hold surgery I super it’s happy
to be alive

tonight’s is music
I inside
you it’s music
you stand with your high

you it’s music
you touch body soul
you it’s music
it’s the music
tonight’s is music