Moko – me problem Lyrics

Look, it’s crazy how half the time I’m spying this heart of mine
Cause one bad experience hurt me I can’t describe
The pain that I felt in the pivotal time of life
But every journey ends I won’t say that you might like

The shatter of a heart sound like a dynamite
I might cry, but who I’m not that type of guy
I’m like pain, it’s something I hide
I’m like Neil, test every time that I fly
I set a boundary I a line

once I let in it farther than design
Ain’t mountain enough, lately I climb
lately I might mind in a divide
Am I your the divine?
Am I your world from mine?
A I I’m of crimes

But the moment in deep you’re the that I idolise
that’s like like
I like super like
The idea of it’s like
I forget that human, do you it? Like

this **** ends bad, like it’s like
It’s a me like
Look, I could hold you a moment so delicate
Couldn’t hold it, forget like I didn’t notice
But memory don’t what alone is

I give until mocks imploding
A I ain’t been I I like
suddenly I involve in everything I’m involved with
I roll of the punches go of the motions

I demonstrate devotion
that one I give the ocean
I’m of the notions
got me bad relationships
the that I’m getting older, I’m turning a loner
Cause you in a folder ex has been

Just makes me what’s the point in this?
it again? it it fail?
it conditions?
really, like
It’s at the of the it, like
I proper that in committed relationships

I’m you lot, like
But yeah, I don’t man, like
I’m still
I’m man
I’m still