Potter Payper – Sinaloa Cartel Lyrics

I stayed on a station on the floor
Showered at your baby mother’s
I’m on the heart lion took me in my ways
I blew mattress in the dirt is what I’m trying to avoid
I know I’m making my trace
I think I ‘m the best thing that ever the game
I know that ain’t saying I’m the play

Remember at my potter me a drain
a way,
they ever to do is me the way
listen to let the song play
Pull in that I that Wayne

me me free the face
me do years complain
me out there to in the sun rain
I fame
ain’t the gunplay

But I will, right there we things the cartel
I don’t to that can’t sell
My young selling the yard smell
shoot top shotters too, Darnell

I’m the my swell
I mean my arms all’s that well
Still my strain, the thing I exhale
who it snow they that hell

I can tell heartache, betrayal
I on I went quail
But in my ale
time I had on my trail

go I your that’s interesting
Can’t it to him once, I’m gonna him
No safety on the safety that I invest in
I everything changes the ink in