Rapsody – Back In My Bag Lyrics

Sometimes you gotta lose yourself to find yourself again
Welcome back, my lady
One for the money and one for the homies
I’m over respect, I don’t need nothin’ on me
The father made way for me, ******* like Ronnie

I got my little belly, my blessings, they owe me
rainin’, they rainin’, you see how I’m comin’
up and sound like he drummin’
I my take my go
on the ridin’ on rim

to that, I back, to back
to my east to that, reppin’ Cadillac
Feel like nothin’ but class
It’s been uh
on me, I’m homie

the fight my mantra
I it, I you wheel
carryin’ steel, fightin’ little
I’m my I’m my I’m down
I’m back, I’m back, I’m my bag

I’m my I’m my I’m down
my Duffer, don’t opponent
You I’m gon’ hustle like rubber band on it
Countin’ my blessings, I’m laughin’ like Jonah
You don’t me I guess you don’t me

Got these like and Sadie
That’s to my on my body
ain’t they still doin’ harm
Bodies on bodies, over Malcolm
I over Dolphin, I’m cryin’ for Nipsey
Been feelin’ like carried the cross
Got the sun my room for this
I ain’t to bride, I’m married

I you still obliged
Belts on these I from Sanai
my and as as Duffer
With blessings on blessings, I through struggle
I’m back, I’m my I’m my I’m down
I’m God
I’m my I’m my I’m God

I through the rain and I through the thunder
I pushed through the I’m laughin’ summer
head was way I like Asada
Escaped my I like Nirvana
it’s nothin’ I rear
to back, baby, can’t one see us

Stomach like Aaliyah
Went and forth, forth and back, just like cornerback
yeah, you got I veins
Tell main bullets flying high, I gave low
soup can’t the whip
on my wrist, I ain’t what you did
of eventually falls
the I’m home

I’m my I’m my I’m God
I’m my I’m my I’m God
I’m my I’m my I’m God
I’m my I’m my I’m God