Sneakbo – 1992 Lyrics

1992, my mama had me in July I was raised in
Bricky when she raised me in Dubai
Started havin’ fights, I think I started age nine
Started doin’ crime at ten, I’m stealin’ all the time

I was stealin’ from the sweet shop When I was young, I’m hella I didn’t
speak lot when I’m speak my I never
I’m in the all the cool kids
wanna with us It’s from us
Cause I was goin’ the wrong it’s dark

I body in the park I’m in my sleep, it me I a
blast Before would always mask
Let’s the money, the know the task
you’re my brother, ain’t even ask
We started bangin’, put some in pass
I started trappin’ in my ass
No sleep, don’t no I’m havin’ nightmares me bein’ six feet

think it’s done, I ain’t done till I disease
I miss my ******, RIPs hella frees
****’s peak, thinkin’ ****’s sweet
On trick treat

the drop caught same week
It’s catch body, repeat
This crazy in the trenches
Only the I’m in the bricks, I dodged some bullets yesterday
I’m in the bricks, it, the jakes

Can’t trust the realest, sneaks
Can’t no I the it hate
try be real, I fake
these take
I em’ about, ride the I em’ swerve
I’m the I don’t surf
I’m in the the me burst

she man, that’s not my concern
ain’t my was turn
today you’re learn
sip the curb
Like I Raymond, let burn
call me Birdman, I been switching my birds

Word, word the curb
I’m for the I’m for the I’m from the dirt
I that’s gon’ me at my worst
I gon’ put first
Are my ride die, I pray switch up

I’m cutting all my exes out the picture
since I met she thicker
me I’m *****

I ain’t dealer
I’m in Wheeler
ski, ski, that’s right
I ain’t dealer
I’m in Wheeler
That’s right
That’s right