tn_490 – Jezebel Lyrics (Strandz)

We don’t really play a lot
Eskid made money, Lil Jordy could slay a crop
But that ain’t paying off, I wonder if I pray enough
*****, if you want me dead, you better spray enough

I told these ****** stay in school, this **** don’t favor us
I never been a favorite, *****, I made up
Ghost shavers top, but I don’t safe enough
oldest lost, you don’t shame or what?

But for that I want want in yard
Spend a ain’t nothin’ heart
I law, that is true
what I what I saw
But I’m graduate door
But trauma don’t go, comes slow

we made snow
Cannolis, reload
Used a Xeno, it’s kilos

On flow
it’s city you in jungle
you won’t understand dealers if parents funny
you robbers, *****, you scared money
know, friends, me funny, you shoot me?

I can amen, dot chest
Trust me, I if you don’t off
*****, I will next, I don’t a mess
My shorty too underdressed, a on
I don’t endanger delicate, papillon

I but I too
I fool as don’t yeah
In you never ****** step me
It’s like, you a life

you don’t really know, then
When it’s time ain’t easy for you
I should really up
But I’m in in head
****** in
in you me?