Unconventional Song From An Unconventional Band: The Armed’s ‘Everything’s Glitter’

A Michigan-based experimental band with anonymous members called The Armed was formed in 2009. This elusive band soon became well-known for their genre-bending approaches, combining musical elements of hardcore punk, noise, rock, and electronic into their discographies. Today, they drop their latest single, Everything’s Glitter, inspired by music icon—David Bowie.
A Relentless Burst Of Energy
The Armed’s previous singles are all chaotically arranged and produced with explosive instrumentals, abrasive vocals, and hardcore tones. Everything’s Glitter, despite the cutesy titular, is no different.

Everything’s Glitter opens with an intense cacophony of drums, guitars, and bass lines, creating an atmosphere that immediately grabs anyone’s attention. This dramatic opening only escalates further throughout the song. It is a unique and unpredictable sound that definitely challenges the traditional notions in music.

David Bowie As An Inspiration

A co-producer of the album which Everything’s Glitter is a track from, Tony Wolski, says in an interview how David Bowie served as the inspiration to the song.


The Armed’s willingness to push boundaries and bring out the unconventional is not only reflected in their sounds, but as well as to their songs’ lyrics. Everything’s Glitter is a track open to interpretation. The lyrics are cryptic, adding a mysterious element to an already intriguing song.

Chaotic and Unfiltered

Everything’s Glitter serves as another bold testament from The Armed. The band’s enigmatic persona showcases their fearlessness and that being different is not bad at all. Their mysterious approach to their identities and to their discographies has certainly piqued the interest of many music fans worldwide. Their unique presence in the music industry is refreshing.