‘We Were So Beautiful’ Is An Emotionally Charged Album From Rising Star, SEB

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, SEB, has come a long way. From freestyling rap to producing melancholic tunes, the young artist is starting to emerge with a sound and style that is uniquely his own. We Were So Beautiful, his latest album, is a testament to that.

Taking The Music Industry By Storm, One Step At A Time

We Were So Beautiful is the third album under SEB. It is an album with a total of six tracks, all highlighting the budding artist’s emotional and mesmerizing journey. Two of the tracks, “sugarhoneyiceicetea” and “moving on (featuring Khary),” has been launched as singles prior to the album’s release.

SEB enchants his fans and listeners from the opening track up to the closing. We Were So Beautiful is a poignant album, tapped with undercurrents of R&B, rap, jazz, and pop-rock musical elements. The deepening skill sets of the rising star as a singer, songwriter, producer, and musician goes above and beyond, considering he has also played all the instruments in the album.

Gifted Storytelling

SEB is truly gifted, as the album also showcases his extraordinary vocals but more so, he also shines as a gifted storyteller. We Were So Beautiful delves into themes of love, self-discovery, and human connection. Each song is a finely crafted narrative, especially “moving on (featuring Khary),” which has been well-loved since it was released as a single. Youngsters will definitely be able to resonate with the songs written by this talented young artist.

image from: notion.online

The Future Is Bright

SEB is looking at a bright future ahead, given the positive recognition We Were So Beautiful is getting as each day goes by. His artistic capability as a musician is without a doubt exceptional. The world is eagerly waiting for SEB to drop another masterpiece.