Wiz Khalifa – Dress Like This Lyrics (Backwood Brat)

When I walk in, they all treat me like the president
How you say that you a boss with no leverage
Why the **** you bringin’ up the past, what’s the relevance?
You should be rollin’ up the ****, not questionin’

I just want the brain, baby, I want the intelligence
I don’t it’s
I look around ****** that I’m than
****, I you a *******

I’m bein’ specific
I rich as I intended
in the bed, that’s a collision
live make a found religion

Flyin’ out business
I ain’t social,
worth I just calm composure

I’m doin’, you news
I like I be I you

Why’d you me go?
I you everything
a whose is than
Haitian lil’ the
L.A. tribune

cut that off, you I’m antisocial
I don’t with ****, then they goin’ loco
I’d rather spend by it’s I a rose
That’s I teamin’ you *****, I had ghost

You all the movement, let’s it
a the I you gon’ it
I ain’t a ho a dreamin’ *****, you think that stupid?
Now let’s
you limit?
Why you ballistic?
you been fixin’

Flyin’ out
I antisocial
worth, I just calm composure
I’m doin’, you news
I like I be I you

I up I you
Or the Benz Wizzle, did the school
a bros, he global
another trappin’ local

I take out NOBU,
Walkin’ I’m talkin’, trappin’ hardy, antisocial
24 won 5,000 for the vocals
Baggies for the zips, put a tool
We a postal

*****, the one to
hatin’, had the **** that boy boastful
scrapin’, bunny full

Flyin’ out business
they I ain’t social
worth, I just calm composure
I’m doin’, you all news
I like I be I you
When you up that’s you up Liz
baby, where you?