Zayn Is Back AT Tugging Heartstrings With Intimate Ballad ‘Love Like This’

Love Like This is Zayn Malik’s brand-new single to drop since 2021. After two long years of hiatus, this fresh song from the former One Direction pop star excites many long-time fans and listeners. Zayn has had a series of chart-topping and successful releases since he has gone to pursue a solo career. Will Love Like This also gain positive recognitions? Let us find out.

High-Energy but also Heartfelt

2023 is the year of reset, as many hiatus artists and musicians have unveiled their comebacks. Zayn’s return to the music scene comes as a bit of a shocker to everyone.

Love Like This is a song so worth the wait! It is a high-energy, dance-inspired track, showcasing Zayn’s signature style. But it is also soulful and heartfelt. It boasts of a seamless blend of R&B, pop, and ballad elements.

The song opens with a soft piano intro, setting an intimate atmosphere. The subtle electronic elements and ethereal background harmonies add depth to the track. Not to mention that when Zayn’s velvety voice comes in, it creates a passionate soundscape that resonates throughout the song. His vocals effortlessly glide over the melody, delivering a performance that is both tender and captivating.

Love That Knows No Boundaries

Listening to Love Like This evokes a wide range of raw emotions, including vulnerability, nostalgia, longing, and most of all: love. The lyrics are so profound and paint a vivid imagery of a love that knows no boundaries. It is a song that deeply and emotionally resonates.

Upcoming Album

Good news for Zayn’s fans is that Love Like This is only the beginning. According to the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, his fourth studio album is currently in the works. Zayn is also looking back to get on stage.